Unpaid Loans

Suing for your unpaid loans in Small Claims Court

Many people enjoy the benefits of loaning money from another. But when it comes time to paying back that loan, those same people aren’t as willing to pay their dues.  We help you sue on your unpaid loans, obtain judgment, and collect in enforcement.

I loaned money, and he won’t pay back. Now what?

Unfortunately, the above phrase is a common inquiry we receive at Mr. Small Claims Court. Many friendships, and unfortunately, even families, have been destroyed as a result of a failure by borrower to pay a loan back to the lender.

Fortunately, there is hope.  The Small Claims Court in Ontario allows for a lender to sue a borrower for the unpaid loans and also ask for reimbursement of legal fees.

Mr. Small Claims Court collects unpaid loans.

At Mr. Small Claims Court we have over 50 years of experience in collecting unpaid loans for our clients. In fact, our team includes an experienced debt collection agent who is tough as nails and never backs down from a legal fight with a borrower.

Contact us now to learn more about how Mr. Small Claims Court can help you collect your unpaid loan in Ontario.