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$25,000 | Seller awarded real estate deposit from defaulting buyer


$18,000 + costs | Defendant awarded money against Plaintiff who sued her first


$10,500 | Plaintiff wins for latent defect and appeal is dismissed


$25,000 | Plaintiff recovers from contractor for faulty renovation


$8,500 | Plaintiff wins for breach of contract


practice area

breach of contract in small claims court in ontario

When an individual enters into a contract with another person or company, he/she expects that other party to fulfill his/her end of the bargain. A failure to do so can result in a breach of contract. Let Mr. Small Claims Court help you with your breach of contract case.

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contractors and homeowners in small claims court

Performing a renovation on one’s home, kitchen or other major area of a property, is supposed to be stress-free and effective. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Often, homeowners find themselves victimized by shoddy renovation work and a contractor who overbills them. Conversely, we represent contractors who are sometimes wrongly accused by impossible-to -please homeowners.

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real estate disputes in ontario small claims court

While the majority of real estate transactions close smoothly where there is competent real estate counsel involved, the unfortunate reality is that many transactions end in dispute. Let Mr. Small Claims Court help.

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Suing for unpaid loans in small claims court

Many people enjoy the benefits of loaning money from another. But when it comes time to paying back that loan, those same people aren’t as willing to pay their dues. Let Mr. Small Claims Court help you collect on your unpaid loan.

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wrongfully dismissed ontario

Unfortunately, we are frequently contacted by unfortunate individuals who have been wrongfully dismissed from their jobs. Let Mr. Small Claims Court help you fight back to recover the severance package you deserve.

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lawyer small claims court

Why Do I Need a Lawyer or Paralegal in Small Claims Court?

Why do I need a lawyer for Small Claims Court? Isn't it supposed to be a people's court? Read about some pitfalls of self representation here...

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ontario limitations statute

Ontario Statute of Limitations

Often people ask if there is a deadline to sue in Ontario. Here are some crucial things you should know about the Limitations Act of Ontario...

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Latent Defects in Ontario law

What is a latent defect? How is it different than a patent defect? What are the rights of buyers and sellers in latent defect cases in Small Claims real estate disputes? Read on...

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