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Court representation

$25,000 | Seller awarded real estate deposit from defaulting buyer


$18,000 + costs | Defendant awarded money against Plaintiff who sued her first


$10,500 | Plaintiff wins for latent defect and appeal is dismissed


$25,000 | Plaintiff recovers from contractor for faulty renovation


$8,500 | Plaintiff wins for breach of contract


Other Small Claims Court Services We Offer

In addition to referral to court representation, Mr. Small Claims Court offers a variety of other customized small claims court services for those in need of help with their Small Claims case.  Below are some examples, but feel free to contact us  for a customized request.

In Depth consultations

Sometimes, you want a lawyer who will not only speak to you on the phone, but also review all your documents and provide you with a proper opinion after assessing the evidence. Mr. Small Claims Court offers such a service with a one-on-one in depth consultation with our managing lawyer, Jordan Farkas.

Letters of Demand

Sometimes, all it takes is a firm, lawyer’s letter of demand, to get the attention of the debtor who owes you money.  Mr. Small Claims Court has sent numerous letters that resulted in collection for our clients.  All letters go out on Jordan’s legal letterhead.

Case Law

Our team knows how to fight the right case law for your case.  Although not recommended, if you prefer to remain self-represented, Mr. Small Claims Court can provide you with the case law you need to help you win your case.

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