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Low Costs Awarded on Appeal

low costs small claimsFor those who read my previous post regarding the case of the real estate agent versus the non-paying vendor, I wondered aloud if the real estate agent walked away with much, if anything, after winning his Small Claims Court lawsuit and subsequent appeal.  The answer I now have is “I doubt it”.  I was able to find the real estate agent versus vendor decision online, and in it the court only awarded the agent $900 in costs.  I can tell you from experience that the agent likely paid alot more for the appeal, so one has to wonder why it was such a low cost award.  Also bear in mind that the events had transpired several years ago! That is a long time to go unpaid. More importantly, a lesson you should all take from this is that sometimes when it comes to litigation, even if you are “right”, it may make sense taking a lower amount on settlement because the costs of defending your “right” position can outweigh the benefits.  Of course, in this particular case that may not have been an option for the agent, as perhaps the vendor did not offer anything, but if you find yourself with a decent offer in your litigation, think about it before rejecting it.