Referrals Respected

$25,000 | Seller awarded real estate deposit from defaulting buyer


$18,000 + costs | Defendant awarded money against Plaintiff who sued her first


$10,500 | Plaintiff wins for latent defect and appeal is dismissed


$25,000 | Plaintiff recovers from contractor for faulty renovation


$8,500 | Plaintiff wins for breach of contract


Lawyer Referrals Are Respected.

Mr. Small Claims Court’s Expertise

Mr. Small Claims Court was the first law firm to specialize in a practice devoted exclusively to Small Claims Court. Founded in 2008 by Jordan Farkas, the Mr. Small Claims Court brand has come to signify expertise, experience, excellence, devotion and professionalism. For this reason, among many others, lawyers in all areas of practice, trust Mr. Small Claims Court for their Small Claims Court referrals.

Kinds of Lawyers Who Refer to Mr. Small Claims Court


Mr. Small Claims Court’s roster or referral sources include, but are not limited to the following types of lawyers:

  • Commercial litigation lawyers
  • Construction lien lawyers
  • Real estate lawyers
  • Corporate lawyers
  • Employment lawyers
  • Energy lawyers
  • Family lawyers
  • Personal injury lawyers
  • Bankruptcy lawyers
  • In-house counsel lawyers
  • Intellectual property lawyers
  • Human rights lawyers
  • Not for profit and charities lawyers
  • Tax lawyers
  • Criminal lawyers
  • Sports and Entertainment lawyers

Referral Relationships with Mr. Small Claims Court

When you refer a client or colleague to Mr. Small Claims Court, you want to be certain that he/she is in good hands. In fact, while results are obviously important, often it is the handling and treatment of the client that is even more important.  That is why we are particularly proud of the numerous testimonials letters [link to testimonials page] that we have received over the years.

Mr. Small Claims Court brings these important qualities developed through our referral program:

Experience: Our team brings over 50 years of experienced representation in Small Claims Courts across Ontario. The deputy judges in Small Claims Court recognized our representatives and respect us.

Expertise: Our team is knowledgeable about the ins and outs of Ontario Small Claims Court including the numerous rules and procedure that govern the Small Claims Court. We are also expert at the necessary case law research, and many of our decisions have been reported [link to case victories page] in Canada’s legal databases.

Dedication: Mr. Small Claims Court does not treat its clients like just another file.  We see the humanity behind each file and strive to obtain the best possible result. We don’t give up until the job is done, and the client, as well as the referring lawyer, is happy.

Integrity: Many referring lawyers switched to Mr. Small Claims Court simply because they never even received a thank you from the previous law firm. At Mr. Small Claims Court, not only do we report on each referral, but we also ensure to express our gratitude and appreciation.

Thank you for your Referrals

To learn more about our referral program, please contact us today. All communications are completely confidential whether or not we enter into a referral relationship.

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