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Do you want this customer?

Do you really want this customer?

Often before even entering into a business relationship, a business can avoid potential lawsuits by picking up on certain tell-tale signs of a bad client or customer.    For me, generally speaking if someone attempts to negotiate my legal fees, I know it’s not a client worth having.   This is because such a person doesn’t value good legal advice, and if he feels I don’t have a right to earn my fee, then he will probably complain about my service no matter how professional it is.

I believe this can generally apply to many businesses, but each person will have his own signal to stay away from a possible client or customer.  Trust your instincts.  The first key to avoiding lawsuit trouble is by simply not starting a relationship which you know will end in disaster.

Of course, it is not foolproof and someone who seems nice from the outset can become a nightmare and potential opposing litigant.  How to approach this situation will be covered in one or more of the articles to come.