Mr. Small Claims Court Confidentiality Policy

Your information remains confidential upon receipt by Mr. Small Claims Court and its affiliates and/or referred paralegals including, but not limited to secretaries, paralegals, employees, students and independent contractors. Please also note the terms set out in our legal disclaimer. Please be mindful of any potential limitation periods or deadlines to sue (generally 2 years in Ontario from discovery of a claim but, sometimes it can even be as little as 10 days, and it depends on the circumstances) or defend against a small claims court lawsuit, as we have no way of knowing about any such deadlines with your particular small claims court case by the receipt of this simple consultation form or email from you. Therefore, if you have an urgent pending deadline, ensure to meet it and not let it lapse even if you do not hear back from us. Please note that we can only respond to those whom we feel we can assist, and for those we generally need 1-2 business days. We thank you again for submitting your form and look forward to assisting you with your small claim court case.