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$25,000 | Seller awarded real estate deposit from defaulting buyer


$18,000 + costs | Defendant awarded money against Plaintiff who sued her first


$10,500 | Plaintiff wins for latent defect and appeal is dismissed


$25,000 | Plaintiff recovers from contractor for faulty renovation


$8,500 | Plaintiff wins for breach of contract



Below are just some of the reported decisions of case victories that Mr. Small Claims Court has won for its clients. (Please note that past victories can never guarantee results in your case.)

Brampton Small Claims Court

Our client was the victim of a coffee vending machines scam. She found herself sued by leasing companies for over $50,000. She emerged with a judgement for almost $30,000 with the help of Mr. Small Claims Court.

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Toronto Small Claims Court

Our client is a vehicle leasing company that was taken advantage of by a defaulting customer. Client sued in the Toronto Small Claims Court. Defendant threw up every argument it could, hoping something would stick. Nothing did. Our client was awarded judgment for $25,000 + costs reimbursed.

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Toronto Small Claims Court Appeal

Our client is a small business contractor. He did sub-contracted work for a sheet metal company. The company then refused to pay our client. Our client sued in Toronto Small Claims Court and won. The sheet metal company appealed, and we represented our client to fight against the appeal. The appeal was dismissed, and our client had costs reimbursed.

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Appeal from Toronto Small Claims Court

Our client, a vehicle leasing company, had won everything at the Toronto Small Claims Court. Defendant appealed to the Divisional Court. We continued with representation on the appeal. The appeal was dismissed within minutes of beginning based on the documents we filed in defence of our client. Costs were awarded to our client.

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Appeal from Small Claims Court

We represented the purchasers against the sellers in a dispute over a latent defect. Our client was successful at the trial level. The sellers appealed to the Divisional Court in Newmarket, Ontario. We won again, as the appeal was dismissed with legal fees reimbursed to our client.

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Richmond Hill Small Claims Court

Our client was an alarm installation and monitoring company. Our client successfully sued one of its sub-trades who failed to remit payments to our client. After we helped our client collect on its judgment, the sub-trade sued our client in the Richmond Hill Small Claims Court client on frivolous grounds. We brought a motion to dismiss the claim based on complicated legal principals, unusual for Small Claims Court. We were successful on the motion and the claim was dismissed against our client.

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Ford Mustang Lawsuit

Windsor Small Claims Court

Our client is a a licensed auto body repairman. He was sued in Windsor Small Claims Court by a mechanic in a dispute arising out of body work done to the Plaintiff's 1987 Ford Mustang race car. With the aid of Mr. Small Claims Court's representation, our client was exonerated of all allegations, and the Plaintiff's Claim was dismissed against him with costs reimbursed to our client.

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sewer pipe latent defect

Barrie Small Claims Court

Our clients were the purchasers of a property in which they found a latent defect with a sewer pipe. They sued the sellers in Barrie Small Claims Court and were successful in getting judgment with the help of Mr. Small Claims Court.

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