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Frequently Asked Questions about Mr. Small Claims Court and Jordan’s answers:


  • For those purchasing one video, you will be redirected to a download link immediately after purchase.  You simply click on the link to download a zip file with your video and accompanying resource materials with that video.  For those purchasing membership, you receive a username and password which you create at the time of purchase and can log in thereafter any time.  Your username is your email address. FYI, you are also redirected to the membership area automatically after purchase is complete.

  • No, you can pay using a regular credit card even after being directed to PayPal. Simply click “I don’t have a PayPal account” near the bottom of the screen once you’re on the PayPal screen.

  • Absolutely, the videos are completely mobile friendly.


  • As someone who has been a Small Claims Court lawyer for almost 15 years, I can honestly tell you that “free legal advice” is code for “Come in to my office and sign a retainer for $1,000” (or more!).  No lawyer, whether free or even if you hire him or her, is going to give you the actual tips, tricks, secrets and strategies for winning in Small Claims Court that I give you with these videos. At most you will get a few boilerplate ideas that don’t really help, just as a teaser for you to start spending big money on the lawyer.

  • While I have considered it, I am much more interested in helping individuals help themselves through my videos. At this point, it’s not something I offer, but it is possible for the future.

  • Respectfully, you don’t really know if that’s correct until you’ve educated yourself about the process.  There are certainly some cases that are, indeed, very complicated. I am not against seeking legal advice for every case.  However, I definitely believe that every person who finds himself or herself in court should and must inform himself or herself because knowledge in court, really gives one the upper hand. If, after watching the videos you feel that you still need representation for your case, then by all means seek it. You will still be better off understanding what is going on so that you can better help your lawyer assist you with your case.

  • Absolutely!  We love feedback, and please do so by filling in the contact form below.

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