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Ontario Small Claims Court Video Series for Plaintiffs and Defendants

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What you must consider before starting your lawsuit

Your lawsuit starts with the Plaintiff’s Claim. Learn how to write it properly and persuasively.

Where and how to properly file the Plaintiff’s Claim

How to properly serve the Plaintiff’s Claim on the Defendant

How to deal with the multiple possible responses of the Defendant to your lawsuit

Everything you need to know about Settlement Conferences

The ins and outs of preparing for trial

At the trial – how to effectively present your case before the judge

More tips and tricks to winning at trial that you won’t find elsewhere

How to get paid after winning your judgment!

Defendant Videos

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Learn about the Ontario Small Claims Court Handbook

In 2011, I wrote and published a book on Small Claims Court called “the Ontario Small Claims Court Handbook”. It was met with great acclaim, and I have since updated it over the years. Up until converting Mr. Small Claims Court into a self-help resource, the book was selling in e-format for $49.99. I now offer it absolutely free with membership to Mr. Small Claims Court. That’s a $49.99 value! Have a peek inside the book…

This E-book comes free with a membership subscription to either the Plaintiff or Defendant video seriesPeek inside