Wrongful dismissal in small claims court

Wrongful dismissal in small claims court


Unfortunately, we are frequently contacted by unfortunate individuals who have been wrongfully dismissed from their jobs. It is “wrongful” in the sense that the employer fails to pay them the money, or provide the notice, these employees are due. Of course, we have also represented numerous employers who have been wrongfully sued by undeserving employees. As usual, we act for both sides on wrongful dismissal claims in Small Claims Court which allows us to provide you with a unique perspective on your lawsuit.



Unfortunately, we often get inquiries from long time employees who one day find themselves handed the pink slip. While, subject to some exceptions, an employer generally has a right to terminate an employee for legitimate business reasons at any time, the employer is obligated to provide the required notice or payment in lieu of notice upon termination. This is in addition to other requirements such as vacation pay, all of which is included in the Employment Standards Act and subsequently broadened by the courts of common law.

There are a number of factors that affect the amount of notice or money that an employee is entitled to upon dismissal such as age, position, years of employment, manner of termination, etc.

Our managing lawyer at Mr. Small Claims Court is highly experienced in employment law, obtaining pre or mid-litigation settlements for clients or winning high awards on judgment at the Ontario Small Claims Court. Contact us today to learn more about how he can help you fight back against your employer in a wrongful dismissal small claims lawsuit.



At the same token, we are often contacted by employers who have either been sued or have received menacing letters of demand from terminated employees. Sometimes the employer indeed has made a mistake in the law and requires proper representation to minimize the damage. Other times, the employer has done precisely what was expected of him and had done nothing wrong.

At Mr. Small Claims Court, our managing lawyer, who has been both an employee and employer, will come up with creative and aggressive solutions to defend your rights. Contact us now.

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