Contractors and Homeowners

Contractors and Homeowners


Performing a renovation on one’s home, kitchen or other major area of a property, is supposed to be stress-free and effective. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Often, homeowners find themselves victimized by shoddy renovation work and a contractor who over-bills them. Conversely, we represent contractors who are sometimes wrongly accused by impossible to please homeowners. Bottom line, Mr. Small Claims Court knows what it takes to represent contractors and homeowners in Small Claims Court.



Undertaking a construction project or renovation is stressful. Unfortunately, we often encounter homeowners who are in dispute with their contractors. This can be for a number of reasons such as:

– Contractor is taking too long;

– The work is shoddy

– Contractor is refusing to return unless he is paid money when he has already been overpaid;

– Any numerous other types of fights

The litigation for such disputes can be highly technical and complicated. For instance,a homeowner must ensure to properly document the damages, have estimates from other contractors, expert opinions, etc. At Mr. Small Claims Court, our managing lawyer knows the legal test you must meet to successfully sue the contractor and how to go about achieving a successful result.

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Of course, many times the contractor is completely innocent of accusations made by the homeowner and deserves to be defended. Other times, it is the contractor who needs to sue the homeowner for failing to pay under the terms of a contract. Some homeowners are just impossible to please and must be taken to court to be held accountable for the agreed terms of a contract.

Our managing lawyer represents many contractors, and we understand what it means to protect the integrity of one’s business, while ensuring that our clients are properly compensated for their work. In short, we know how to win for our contractor clients.

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