Star Wars and the Small Claims Court

Star Wars and the Small Claims Court

Str wars and small claims court

Small Claims Court and Star Wars? Huh?

So, with all the hype over the premier of the latest Star Wars instalment, The Force Awakens, it got me thinking about the Small Claims Court.


Yup, you read right.

Think about it: The Force. The Dark Side. The Emperor.

What if a Small Claims Court trial played out in a Star Wars script? Yeah it’s a nerdy thought, but let’s face it: Star Wars is nerdy too.

So here are my thoughts…

The Small Claims Court as a Star Wars Movie

The Force  = The Plaintiff

Now, obviously I have also represented Defendants, and many honourable and innocent Defendants at that.  But let’s face it. If one of these two litigants has to be chosen to represent the power of the Force, my vote would have to be in favour of the Plaintiff.  Most times, a Plaintiff is not just suing for fraudulent reasons.  Usually, he has been wronged in one way or another.

And the the concept of rebellion fits well because when you think about it, the Small Claims Court has become such a Defendant’s paradise that the Plaintiff really can feel like a rebel going up against the evil Empire!

The Dark Side = The Defendant

See above. If the Plaintiff is going to be the Force, the Defendant has to be the Dark Side.  And let me tell you, I’ve unfortunately come across many Darth Vaders!

The Emperor or Princess Leia = The Deputy Judge

As we all know, many a case will depend on the deputy judge you get deciding it.  Some represent the Force and Princess Leia, others well, act as Emperors on their high horses.  Sorry to all the great deputy judges out there, and there are lots, but it’s the truth!

Luke Skywalker = the Star Witness

The star witness is our champ. He’s the ace in the hole. The guy who brings our case home. The dude who answers every question we pose in examination properly and accurately and comes across as honest and believable.  In short, he’s our Luke Skywalker.

Hans Solo = The Summonsed Witness

We never like to do the summons (formerly known as subpoena), but sometimes we simply need that witness in court, and when he attends, he can be the hero.  He comes against his will, but at the end of the day, he’s often the go to guy to bring the case home. He’s our Hans Solo.

Darth Vader = The annoying Opposing Counsel

Do I really have to explain this? How many times have we come across absolute jerks of an opposing counsel.  I even keep an “asshole file” where I put all the nasty and evil communications I receive from other lawyers who are unnecessarily confrontational.  These opposing counsel’s are definitely Darth Vader.

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