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This is Jordan Farkas writing, and thanks for visiting. I am a lawyer and author of the Ontario Small Claims Court Handbook. I have been advising Small Claims Court clients for over 10 years.  I am your first stop in determining if you have a case and what to do about winning your money back in Small Claims Court.  I do this by reviewing your documents and sitting down with you during a one-on-one strategy session by phone.  I do NOT go to court which means I have no financial incentive to tell you to sue.  This can save you thousands of dollars.  If I think you have a case, I can refer you to a paralegal whom I have personally screened for your type of case.  My fee is flat, and frankly, it is dirt cheap, particularly for a lawyer. Have a look at our strategy session page to learn more.  I offer other services aimed at saving you money such as mediation.  Have a look around the website to learn more.  The bottom line is that the Mr. Small Claims Court brand represents excellence, quality and devotion, and it is proven by our track record of satisfied clients, many of whom have written letters of appreciation. I guarantee your satisfaction.

ontario small claims adviceWho Jordan Helps

If any of the following describes your legal problem, then this is the right service for you:

1) You or your business are looking to sue someone for a debt under or a little over $25,000;

2) You or your business have been sued and need help with defending a lawsuit;

3) You or your business needs court representation because feel uncomfortable going to court alone;

4) You or your business needs help from someone specializing in this area of law;

5) You want to be educated about court procedure so that you leverage your chances of success; and

6) You want help from lawyers or paralegals team who provide value for your money.


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