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$25,000 | Seller awarded real estate deposit from defaulting buyer


$18,000 + costs | Defendant awarded money against Plaintiff who sued her first


$10,500 | Plaintiff wins for latent defect and appeal is dismissed


$25,000 | Plaintiff recovers from contractor for faulty renovation


$8,500 | Plaintiff wins for breach of contract



Mr. Small Claims Court is a full service law firm managed by Toronto Small Claims Court lawyer, Jordan Farkas, providing legal advice and representation to those suing or who have been sued in the Small Claims Court. If you are owed money or someone is wrongly claiming you owe them money, you have come to the right place. Our goal is to help you WIN.


The party suing is known as the “Plaintiff”. We assist Plaintiffs at all stages of your claim from the initial determination of whether or not you have a case, to the preparation of legal forms and documents, to the representation in court and collection of judgment monies, we have your back.

Conversely, if you have been sued by a Plaintiff, then you are called the “Defendant”. Do you find yourself the victim of an unfair lawsuit? Is someone trying to rip you off with a lawsuit against you?  If so, let us defend on your behalf.  We will prepare your court forms, attend court to fight your case and show the Plaintiff who’s boss.

About our Ontario Small Claims Court Law Firm

The Small Claims Court is a people’s court. It is meant as a convenient forum for resolving disputes. Trouble is, even the Small Claims Court is replete with confusing rules and procedures.
Fortunately, Mr. Small Claims Court offers complete representation for your entire Small Claims case from start to finish. We represent clients in a broad range of Small Claims Court cases including:

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Wrongful Dismissal

Unfortunately, we are frequently contacted by unfortunate individuals who have been wrongfully dismissed from their jobs. Let Mr. Small Claims Court fight back to recover the severance package you deserve.


Unpaid Loans

Many people enjoy the benefits of loaning money from another. But when it comes time to paying back that loan, those same people aren’t as willing to pay their dues. Let Mr. Small Claims Court help you collect on your unpaid loan.


Breach of contract

When an individual enters into a contract with another person or company, he/she expects that other party to fulfill his/her end of the bargain. A failure to do so can result in a breach of contract. Let Mr. Small Claims Court help you with your breach of contract case.

The above as just a small sample of the variety of commercial disputes in Ontario Small Claims Courts that Mr. Small Claims Court can assist you with. Click the button below to see more areas of expertise.

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Small Claims Court Referrals From Lawyers

Mr. Small Claims Court understands that most law firms dedicate their resources to files other than Small Claims Court.  We, on the other hand, welcome and specialize in Small Claims Court. We have referrals from law firms across Ontario whether those firms specialize in real estate, construction, employment or general commercial lawsuits.   At Mr. Small Claims Court, we appreciate and respect all appeals, and are always open to discussing a mutually beneficial relationship with our referring lawyers.