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This is Jordan Farkas writing, and thanks for visiting. I am a lawyer and author of the Ontario Small Claims Court Handbook. I have been advising Small Claims Court clients for over 10 years.  My goal is to help you win your claim or defence. Period. I do this by offering specialized representation for your case from start to finish.  We operate in all Small Claims Court across Ontario, without exception. Our representation includes preparing a persuasive claim or defence, convincingly advocating on your behalf in court, ensuring you are making informed decisions throughout the process, and much more. To learn more about Small Claims Court generally, and how we assist, visit our About Small Claims Court page.  To learn more about how Mr. Small Claims Court distinguishes itself from others, visit our Why us page.  To learn more about my credentials specifically, check out my bio.  Have a look around the website to learn more generally.  The bottom line is that the Mr. Small Claims Court brand represents excellence, quality and devotion, and it is proven by our track record of satisfied clients, many of whom have written letters of appreciation. I guarantee your satisfaction.

Who Jordan Helps

If any of the following describes your legal problem, then this is the right service for you:small claims lawyer consultation

1) You or your business are looking to sue someone for a debt under or a little over $25,000;

2) You or your business have been sued and need help with defending a lawsuit;

3) You or your business needs court representation because you feel uncomfortable going to court alone;

4) You or your business needs help from someone specializing in this area of law;

5) You want to be educated about court procedure so that you leverage your chances of success; and

6) You want help from a law firm which provides value for your money.

Need to Appeal? You have come to the right place.

I have developed an expertise with Small Claims Court appeals both on the appellant (the party appealing) and respondent side.  Appellants have come to me because many clients have come to me to appeal after being unhappy with their previous representation or because they had a paralegal (paralegals are not allowed to act on appeals from a Small Claims Court judgment).  Respondents have retained me, well because, they were happy that I won for them, and unfortunately they need me to then defend their win at the Divisional Court (the court where appeals take place).  Have a look at our Ontario Small Claims Court appeal page to learn how I can help you fight your appeal.  Don’t delay, as you only have 30 days from the judgment date!

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